About us

Here are answers to some FAQ's! 


Diglot [~ dahy-glot] means something or someone that is bilingual or has more than one language in a more symbolic sense. I chose it as my business name as a nod to my Finnish background; I was born in Finland and moved to London in my early 20s, and have now lived in London for over a decade. My design work is influenced by Finnish and Scandinavian style that often incorporates bright pops of colour and simple, clean lines and bold shapes. 


So who is behind the brand?

My name is Laura Talanti and I'm a freelance illustrator and jewellery designer. I work from my small home-studio in South East London. I am self taught as an illustrator and artist; my formal educational background ranges from media and sociology to psychotherapy. 

I love cats, bright nail polish and cashew-chocolate milk.  

I am blogging about creative business (and cats) over on http://lauratalanti.blogspot.co.uk/


Do you offer Diglot etc products wholesale?

I do! Please email hello[at]diglotetc.co.uk to discuss! 


Are you available for freelance design and illustration work?

I am!

I also offer logo design and branding advice for small businesses and charities (I have nearly 10 years experience of working in charity publicity and service management roles, and a degree in media/communications). Please email hello[at]diglotetc.co.uk to discuss your requirements.